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Commercial buildings and office spaces tend to get a lot of foot traffic, so when choosing a carpet we can help you select the best one for your specific situation. We have the largest selection of carpeting for offices in Croydon. We have carpets for hotels, offices, corporate environments or any other type of commercial establishment in stock at any time. In general for office settings you want a carpet with a short pile. This makes it easier to move on an office chair with wheels.

A carpet with very short cut-pile carpets or low-profile level loop style is ideal for either office or commercial environments. Our carpets are inexpensive, resilient and appealing to the eye. With the large variety of options available, selecting the best carpet for your office might seem a little overwhelming. But Daniel Morrison Carpets will assist you to select the best option for your specific needs.

Assorted Carpet Tiles

Commercial Carpets & Square Tiles


Office Tiles

Office tile carpets are easy to clean and maintain in the event of spills or other mishaps that can occur in an office.


Classroom Carpets

In a classroom you typically need strong, heavy duty and durable carpeting to cope with the huge amount of foot traffic.


Corporate Office

In a corporate environment you want lush durable carpets that show your success.


Easy To Clean

If a section of carpet gets soiled it could be pulled up, cleaned and re-installed with minimal trouble.


The appearance and health of your office carpets are often overlooked and neglected.

You want your place of work to be functional, comfortable and looking great for your staff and visitors. If you want your office to meet these expectations, choose Daniel Morrison Croydon Carpets as your supplier and fitter. We professionally fit office carpets for commercial customers across Croydon and the rest of London.

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Are you looking for a professional carpet fitter in Croydon? Here at Daniel Morrison Carpets, our expert fitters can fit carpets of all types for any kind of flooring. We have successfully supplied and fitted carpets for many clients across South Croydon, both commercial and residential. Call us today if you have any queries.