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There is a special type of carpet that comes in separate squares. These are know as Carpet Tiles. There are many benefits in using this type of carpet as opposed to the rolled up one piece type carpet. For instance they are often less expensive and easier to clean.

Traditionally, carpet squares are used mostly in offices and commercial buildings, but there is a huge shift to them being used in homes now too. One explanation for this could be the fact that they're pretty easy to install and maintain.

Assorted Carpet Tiles

Four Advantages Of Carpet Tiles vs Traditional Carpeting


Easy To Install

They are much easier to both install and replace compared to regular carpeting.


Less Waste

There is minimal waste when fitting carpet tiles due to the modularity of the carpet.


Different Sizes

The smaller squares are great for stairwells and areas that get heavy traffic.


Easy To Clean

If a section of carpet gets soiled it could be pulled up, cleaned and re-installed with minimal trouble.

Great Designs

There is an amazing high variety of styles available, from bold colors to pastel and lighter shades or from striped to checkered designs.

Carpets tiles can add elegance to any room or office. You can even mix and match different colors to create your own unique designs. Carpet tiles can add value to the quality and comfort of your home or office. In most cases it is also much cheaper when compared to other flooring options like hardwood. Carpet is also an insulator, helping reduce both the noise level and the heat needed to warm your indoor environment in the cold winter months.

Environmental Impact

If you're environmentally conscious you'd be happy to know that very often square carpets are made from recycled materials. On top of that there is much less waste during installation making it one of the most environmentally friendly options available in carpeting. Of course the reduction in energy to warm up the room or office area also helps reduce your carbon footprint. It has been estimated that a properly fitted carpet can save you up to 15% on heating bills.

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